Month: January 2020

It takes two to make a thing go right

People tend to have very strong views when it comes to police officers. But whether you like or loathe them, there's one area historically we all agree with - we all love Buddy Cop movies. The concept of two 'mismatched' police officers from 'different sides of the tracks', thrown together against their will has been a prominent feature in films for as long as I can remember. One of my  earliest memories of this genre was Lethal Weapon. These two  officers couldn't be more different in terms of their backgrounds, beliefs and life. The differences are fun to watch because…
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No Mr Bond I expect you to Die

No Mr Bond unlike Diamonds, movies aren’t meant to last forever. What makes them ‘great’ is the ability to look back and reminisce on the classics. Isn’t it time we let go of James Bond? This isn’t simply because I can’t stand Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the character (looks as miserable and joyless as Timothy Dalton did in the role) or Mr Craig himself stated he would rather slit his wrist rather than make the forth coming No Time To DIe  Time to let go of Bond? This is about the constant attempt to update the character and bring him into line with current…
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Keanu Reeves is Reloading

Bill and Ted 3, John Wick 4 and the Matrix 4Enter Subtitle Get ready, Keanu Reeves is Reloading! When I was a kid everyone was going crazy over Waynes World. They had the very cool celebrities and pop culture references. I always favoured Bill and Ted because they never tried to be cool, very much outsiders with their impossible dreams and time travelling phone box. In a way, always Keanu Reeves seemed like a Hollywood outcast himself, with constant teasing about his acting ability but despite this, he just kept winning, which I loved. As i grew up, Keanu reeves…
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