Can you ever have too much Rock?

Dwayne Johnson is hoping you still have room for more this year. Jumanji 2 felt like only a few months ago and he’s back with another supernatural adventure in a jungle, full of mystery, a bit like if Indiana Jones was a buddy movie, with Emily Blunt! Would make more sense if it were a throwback to Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turners romancing the stone rather than being based on a Disneyland ride! Despite the fact this is a ‘Disney’ movie, there has been very little excitement around the film.

So much so that the Rock has picked today when launching a new trailer to remind every one he has started filming his DCEU superhero movie Black Adam which he claims will ‘change the DC Universe forever’. Never a good sign when you promote another movie rather than the one coming out. This is the Rock though so i’m sure it won’t be terrible, probably just alright. Bring on the Black Adam Movie! Jungle Cruise – July 2020 . Latest trailer here

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