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Palmer Review – A Touching Tale of new family, Identity and Redemption

Two Souls, one seeking purpose, the other acceptance, find their place together in 'Palmer', an Apple Original movie, coming January 29th, 2021 He is quickly reunited with old friends and family but also realises the world didn't stop just because he was absent. While many things are familiar, there is also much which has changed, and he sets out trying to understand where he fits in He finds a place with his grandmother and attempts to find employment but faces the issues most ex-convicts face when trying to find post release employment. Small towns also have long memories so there…
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Who is the Best Bruce Wayne of the Bunch?

Which Bruce Wayne will emerge as Gotham's true favourite son? Orphan, Billionaire, philanthropist, vigilante. Bruce Wayne has been the template for comic book alter egos for over 70yrs. Many have tried to replicate, duplicate, and remix the classic origin story of the man who went on to become Batman, one of the most recognised and respected superheroes of all time. There have been many screen depictions of the man behind the mask and while they all share the same origins the portrayals have been vastly different. Some have been more comic book accurate and others while beloved have strayed quite…
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9 Original Movies Vs their Sequels – which dominate your film list?

Original Films Vs their Sequels When it comes to great movies, are you a person who prefers films to be left as standalone Original classics or do you find yourself pinning for a sequel as soon as the credits role? Some say lightning doesn’t strike twice. When you have a brilliant original idea, a follow up film will always struggle to recapture the same magic of the first film. But there are occasions when the sequel can blow the originals out of the water, at least in some people’s opinion! ROCKY is one of the greatest underdog stories of all…
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Promising Young Woman Review– A Deliciously Dark Vengeance story

Promising Young Woman - Carey Mulligan plots and schemes Vengeance from a Coffee shop Promising Young Woman is a timely drama from Director Emerald Fennell and wears it’s ‘me too’ influence proudly on its sleeve.  There is a section of society that may feel this is a ‘man bashing’ film but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It challenges the indoctrinated idea of victim blaming. If you went out and dressed provocatively and had such a good time, you drunk to the point of almost passing out. You would have left yourself vulnerable, but does that justify sexual assault?…
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Bliss Trailer – Your real life might be better than you thought

Bliss brings together two fan favourites, Owen Wilson, and Salma Hayek in a mind-bending tale of alternate realities. When I think of Owen Wilson, I always think comedies, but Bliss is definitely not that. He plays Greg, a recently divorced man trying to hold his life together. Following a chance meeting with the enchanting Isabel, she sets out proving to him that the drab, depressing, polluted world they are living in is not real and actually a simulation. This feels like a 'reverse Matrix'-where she is trying to plug Neo back in!  Someone telling you that all the pain and…
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Netflix shoots for film domination in 2021 with an amazing movie line up

Netflix faced tough competition in 2020 from the established studios finally deciding to take streaming seriously. Warner seems intent on making a serious statement with its HBO Max service and Disney has recorded incredible subscription numbers in a less than a year. Despite all this, Netflix have decided to come out swinging in 2021 and their first major move is an announcement of their plan to release a new movie each week of the year. Not only that, but they have also released a list of almost all their film releases for the year, incase there was any doubt or…
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Most Wanted Movies Jan21-Kicking off the New Year with these fresh faces

Most Wanted Movies Jan21 Good Day Good Day good people and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Welcome to Most Wanted Movies for January 2021. These are the films coming out in January that we can't wait to see and think you should watch out for as well Check out the official trailer for Outside the Wire, coming to Netflix on January 15th here Official Trailer for Blythe Spirit here, It will be released as a Sky Original in January You can read Dani's review of Herself here. It will be released in January on Amazon Prime Video,…
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Soul Review – Can Disney really deliver its sweetest movie gift for Christmas 2020?

Soul is an ambitious animated feature with lush visuals, a vivid world, and a unique style all of its own. Pixar were always going to face an uphill battle with its chosen subject matter. A film which has Jazz music and death as its focus was likely to be a difficult sell to those who come to Disney for their standard fairy tale stories and singalong songs. For those looking for somethings a bit more and are prepared to dig a bit deeper, Soul throws up some interesting questions of obsession, life, and purpose. Many of us get stuck in…
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