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Who is the Best Bruce Wayne of the Bunch?

0 0 vote Article Rating Which Bruce Wayne will emerge as Gotham’s true favourite son? Orphan, Billionaire, philanthropist, vigilante. Bruce Wayne has been the template for comic book alter egos for over 70yrs. Many have tried to replicate, duplicate, and remix the classic origin story of the man who went on to become Batman, one […]

9 Original Movies Vs their Sequels – which dominate your film list?

0 0 vote Article Rating Original Films Vs their Sequels When it comes to great movies, are you a person who prefers films to be left as standalone Original classics or do you find yourself pinning for a sequel as soon as the credits role? Some say lightning doesn’t strike twice. When you have a […]

Promising Young Woman Review– A Deliciously Dark Vengeance story

0 0 vote Article Rating Promising Young Woman – Carey Mulligan plots and schemes Vengeance from a Coffee shop Promising Young Woman is a timely drama from Director Emerald Fennell and wears it’s ‘me too’ influence proudly on its sleeve.  There is a section of society that may feel this is a ‘man bashing’ film […]

Nomadland Trailer

0 0 vote Article Rating 2-time Oscar winner Frances McDormand stars in Nomadland, a film about a woman packing up her life to explore the American West alone in a van as a modern-day nomad. Nomadland has already been a smash hit at film festivals around the world and looks likely to snatch its director, […]


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