Sonic the Hedgehog Review – Sonic Booms to Box office success

Almost 20yrs since Sonic was relevant in pop culture and there was genuine energy in the foyer afterwards. Kids from the ‘Fortnite’ generation were excited about what they had just seen. Paramount obviously knew they had a hit on their hands as the two-post credit scenes point directly towards the inevitable sequel

Unhinged Review – Road Rage drama turns into real live slaughter

Get ready for a terrible day with Russell Crowe in Unhinged Unhinged stars Russell Crowe and sees movies officially make a welcome return to the big screen. This film lays its grand ambitions bare from the onset with almost 5 mins worth of footage during its opening credits portraying what it perceives to be societies main plagues-a lack of civility between people and the ease with which violence breaks …

Most Wanted Movies-August 2020

Most Wanted Movies Here are the great films you need to see this August Welcome to the August edition of Most Wanted Movies. Here are the films we can’t wait to see coming this August  Now July didn’t go the way we had planned in terms of cinema films. The …

One Night in Miami review – BFI LFF2020

it’s a brilliantly crafted directorial debut for Regina King. It has a bit of boxing, lots of drama, turmoil and conflict that keeps you engaged in the conversations from beginning to end. The question of historical accuracy and which parts happened are for another day. This is for entertainment and It’s unlikely you’ll see a more interesting film featuring just 4 men, a bed, and some music in a hotel room!