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We Talk Film brings you great film related content and video specials from genuine but unique film fans. Be warned though, we don’t always agree! Come Join Us

We are 4 film lovers who are passionate about this medium and choose to invest our time engulfed in its many aspects. We follow the news, gossip, reviews and previews.

We support film and recognise its importance as an artform which can have a profound impact on society. It sometimes reflects us and other times shows us who we were and also who we want to be. It helps us dream of worlds we may never see and sometimes experience life in the shoes of characters we will never meet. It can make the impossible seem possible and aspirations achievable.

We love the Blockbusters, we love the independents, the quiet thoughtful moments and the loud spectacles We debate amongst ourselves about who is the greatest and criticise when we are disappointed or let down. If you share our passion and want honest perspectives you can trust, then YOU are ‘We’, Come Join Us

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