Have you heard of Quibi before?  Many people haven’t. Its the brain child of Jeffrey Katzenberg (co founder of DreamWorks) and wants to be your new ‘Netflix’. What makes it different? Its designed purely for mobile devices and all the shows are around the 10 mins mark. You see, Quibi is short for Quick Bites. They want to offer entertainment you can consume and binge without losing all the hours in the day. There are a host of A list celebrities signed on already producing content for it  (they have been paid a lot of money to get involved). If you think of your favourite celebrity, there’s a good chance they have produced something for this platform

This show sees Kevin trying to bring his traditional action/comedy persona playing a fictionalised version of himself with a dream of being the ‘headline’ action star rather than the comedy side kick. John Travolta’s character plans to teach him ‘the ways of the action star’. It also stars  Nathalie Emmanuel and Josh Hartnet.

Quibi comes with a free 14 day free trial (used to be 30 day) so the arrival of this show on July 20th might be the perfect time to start your free trial. Its available on Apple and Android so have a look, what have you got to lose?!

29490cookie-checkKevin Hart learns how to be an Action Star in Die Hart- Coming to Quibi-July 20th

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