The Protege Trailer – Maggie Q crosses the line in this killer trailer

Maggie Q is learning lessons in life and death from Samuel L Jackson in the Protege In The Protege, Samuel L Jackson is the teacher, Maggie Q is a professional killer out for revenge and MICHAEL KEATON is the bad guy?! We may have just found our favourite film coming this August! Related: Looking for […]

Monster Review – Beware the Company you keep

Monster is engaging and insightful with some moving performances and an important warning regarding guilt by association Monster is the story of 17yr old Steve Harmon, an intelligent, talented, and happy teenager from a loving home being arrested as a co-conspirator in a store robbery where the owner has ended up being shot and killed. […]

Chloe Zhao’s next movie needs you to ‘Protect your Neck’

Chloe Zhao is determined to continue her theme of bringing outsider stories to the big screen. But this one just might drain your jugular vein! After what could only be described as a phenomenal year, what’s next for Chloe? Chloe Zhao’s projects so far have been focused on characters considered outsiders, on the fringe of […]

Two Distant Strangers Review – Great date night but deadly walk home

Two Distant Strangers is a Netflix Time Loop Story about just making it home safely Two Distant Strangers is an Oscar winning Netflix short written by Travon Free and co-Directed by Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe. It stars Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott aka rapper Joey Badass as Carter James, a cartoonist. I have never really […]


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