10 Amazing movies that made us

Here are our 10 amazing movies that encouraged us to be better. We all love Movies, we all love talking about movies. This is the first in a series of questions about the impact film has had on our lives. Part One features Dani, Matt Black, Mysteree, Amina, Emma, Kalvin, Sarah, Glen, Katie, Maryann, Karen and Toya

Memorable Movie Music-Movies That Made Us pt3

When it comes to movie music, it can be just as important as any other element. In fact, not only can the right song make or break a film, it can often be the best thing about an otherwise ‘just ok’ movie. You can walk away feeling the film was better than it was. Movie music can also expose you to genres or styles of music you wouldn’t have come across normally. For example, a Hip-hop fan might fall in love with a classical piece because it perfectly framed a scene in their favourite film. This video features some classics like Bobby Womack 110th Street and kiss from a rose by Seal from the Batman forever soundtrack

These are 10 of the Most Fantastic Film Franchises of All Time

Film franchises are unique in that they grow with us. We become invested in the characters and story lines and follow them like our favourite TV shows over a period. We sometimes wait up to 5 years to get all the parts of the story but occasionally that wait can be up to 20yrs! In that way they grow with us, characters get older and the content gets more complex or mature. Not all parts of these franchises are necessarily great but they form part of a bigger picture, a story we are heavily invested in and must know what happens next!

Movies I Missed

Movies I Missed ep1 – Pulp Fiction Here at We Talk Film, we’ve been spending lockdown catching up on all those classic movies we never found time for before. You know, those cult favourites that EVERYONE is supposed to have seen but somehow, we just haven’t? In the first episode …

Meet the Pioneering 5 Films or Less Winner!

July’s 5 Films or Less Winner Kevin Hart & Jonah Hill This is the End – Jonah & Leo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street Robert Downey Jnr & Jack Black Tropic Thunder – Jack Black & Danny DeVito Jumanji: The next level Keanu Reeves & Bonnie Hunt Toy Story 4– Bonnie Hunt & Tom Cruise Rain Man Hiya! …

Unisex Hoodies with Classic Film Quotes from Films you Love

These are some great unisex hoodies with classic film quotes for the movie buffs out there. Each top will feature a classic film quote, so you can be comfortable, stylish and represent your favourite movies! These were inspired by the Movies that Made Us series from We Talk Film and features quotes such as the famous ‘This is Sparta’ battle cry from King Leonidas in 300.