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Movies I Missed

Movies I Missed ep1 - Pulp Fiction Here at We Talk Film, we've been spending lockdown catching up on all those classic movies we never found time for before. You know, those cult favourites that EVERYONE is supposed to have seen but somehow, we just haven't? In the first episode of 'Movies I Missed', Mysteree introduces Dani to Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction - does it live up to the hype? Amazon Instant Video
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Meet the Pioneering 5 Films or Less Winner!

July's 5 Films or Less Winner Kevin Hart & Jonah Hill This is the End – Jonah & Leo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall StreetRobert Downey Jnr & Jack Black Tropic Thunder – Jack Black & Danny DeVito Jumanji: The next levelKeanu Reeves & Bonnie Hunt Toy Story 4– Bonnie Hunt & Tom Cruise Rain Man Hiya! My name is Elena, I’m 16 years old, and I absolutely LOVE films! I’m so excited to win this gift card as it will mean that I can actually afford to go to the cinema a few times. I love comedies and some of my favourites are Bridesmaids, What we do in…
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What is the Perfect Movie for a first date?

Does the First Date Movie choice matter? The first date movie has a lot to accomplish. It can determine how compatible you are and even if you share things like a sense of humour. You might fake a laugh when having a conversation but whether and when you laugh in a film will reveal what you really find funny! That first date movie can become the foundation upon which your relationship is built. Whether it's a great movie or a terrible one, if its memorable it will have a lasting impact on a relationship going forward. It becomes part…
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