10 Perfect Movies for a First Date


What is the perfect first date movie?
00:00 Intro
00:24 Couples Retreat (Kal)
02:13 Trading Places/Coming to America (Karen)
03:05 50 Shades of Grey (Toya)
03:40 Interstellar (Glen)
04:10 Poetic Justice (Sarah)
04:47 Where the Heart is (Emma)
05:30 The Best Man *Matt)
06:37 Oceans Series (Maryann)
08:23 In Bruges/Hunt for the Wilder People (Dani)
09:28 Top Gun (Katie)

This is the final question from volume 1 of this series which explores the impact film had on our lives growing up.

The idea behind this series was to show that before politics, hate and hurt we are human beings and looking at the world with a common lens can sometimes reveal that despite our many differences, on a fundamental level, we have more in common than maybe we realised.
Hope you have enjoyed taking this journey with me, if nothing else I found it insightful and revealing just how much the entertainment we hold dear has influenced our outlook on life.

Thanks to the fabulous cast that took the time to record and send me their videos and to everyone who supported this along the way -very much appreciated

Till next time, peace and love

Mysteree – WeTalkFilm

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