11 Fantastic Film Heroes and Villains we’d Love to be

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Who are your Favourite Movie Heroes and Villains of all time?’
00:00 Intro
00:13 Harley Quinn (Toya)
00:34 Nurse Ratched (Emma)
01:28 Joker (Khariis)
01:55 Has Grubber (Karen)
02:18 Elliot from ET (Maryann)
03:13 Batman (Glen)
03:33 Leah from Star Wars (Katie)
04:00 Superman/Gladiator Kal)
04:59 Roxy from Chicago (Sarah)
05:50 Thanos (Matt)
07:01 George Bailey-It’s a wonderful life (Dani)

We all love Movies, we all love talking about movies, especially Heroes and sometimes Villains!

This is the second in a series of questions about the impact film has had on our lives, especially the Heroes we love and the Villains we love to hate
Part Two features Dani, Matt Black, Khariis, Emma, Kalvin, Sarah, Glen, Katie, Maryann, Karen, Toya

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