Tessa Thompson is Irene - happily married with 2 sons and occasionally 'passes' for white

Ruth Negga is Clare, also 'happily' married with a daughter but living as a white woman

The two childhood friends reconnect after many years away and are both surprised by the way the other lives

Clares husband (Alexander Skarsgård) hates black people and has no idea his wife is African American. She lives in fear of him finding out

Clare injects herself into every element of Irenes life, including her work and family and everyone loves her. Irene's husband (Andre Holland) is initial hesitant but soon also falls under the intoxicating spell of Clare

Soon the cracks begin to show in both their lives and quickly approach a tipping point

Written and directed by actress Rebecca Hall, PASSING puts the spotlight on an area of racial identity not often explored on film

The subject matter in PASSING may not interest all and the music, sights and sounds of 1920s New York may not be to everyone's taste. But the film is beautiful and the performances top notch making this a great directorial debut for Rebecca Hall