Ben Affleck stars in Tender Bar as charismatic and self-educated bartender Charlie

'Uncle Charlie (Ben Affleck) doles out unconventional advice and useful life lessons to J.R (Tye Sheridan)

Young J.R (Daniel Ranieri) shares a tender moment with his mother (Lily Rabe) when they are hit by tough times and have to move homes

The Tender Bar becomes a home away from home for J.R. His life has seen its fair share of challenges, and this becomes a safe space for him.

J.R looks on as his grandfather (Christopher Lloyd) makes plans

The Tender bar is based on the true story of 9yr old J.R Mochringer, taken from his award-winning memoir about his time searching for his father

This inspiring coming of age story  is directed by two-time Oscar winner  George Clooney

Everyone needs an Uncle Charlie  growing up.  Ben Affleck's Charlie is  J. R's mothers' brother and the  closet he has to a father figure

Uncle Charlie spends a lifetime giving  advice to J.R, at their home away from home,  the  Pub in Manhasset, Long Island