Most Wanted Movies December 2020 – A broad, excellent selection of films. These are 3 incredible movies you must see

most wanted movies december20

Most Wanted Movies December – These 3 incredible movies are sure to excite and delight when they are released this December.


Welcome to Most Wanted Movies December 2020 and what a way to finish the year. 2020 has been one of the most unpredictable years I’ve ever experienced. While it’s annoying and restrictive in terms of entertainment, let’s not forget some people have lost their jobs and even their lives so we still have much to be grateful for. Here are 3 incredible movies we can’t wait for

Wonder Woman 84 – Will it just charm and excite or completely blow us away?!

The first one of the 3 incredible movies I’ll be looking at is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman 84 was a film I really didn’t believe had much hope of still coming out this year, but I remained secretly hopeful. Even after the Tenet ‘gamble’ didn’t pay off, Warner Brothers still seem like the only company willing to take a chance with their big properties. Just a week ago, Warner announced that Wonder Woman 84, the sequel to the 2017 Blockbuster Wonder Woman, will be hitting our screens this December, on Christmas day to be exact.

most wanted movies december
Wonder Womans legendary Golden Armour

Wonder Woman is one of the oldest and most popular comic book characters of all time. Go to any fancy dress party and you are sure to find her costume in high volume so it’s almost crazy to think we’ve had hundreds of superman and Batman movies, as well as 25 Avengers but we are now just getting the 2nd Wonder Woman Movie.

Wonder Woman 84 is set in the 80’s as the title suggests and sees Gal Gadot return as the impossibly beautiful, idealistic, and battle-hardened hero. The first film really played with her being a fish out of water. This will be quite different since she has lived in the world for several years. The 80s is my favourite decade, I have so many fun memories and much like Stranger things, this film will exploit all of that nostalgia. The action sequences I’ve seen in the trailer look like the right insane, I mean swinging off lightening!

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She appears to have her invisible jet and somehow the lost love of her life Steve is back from the dead. We see the birth of a new villain as Kristen Wig becomes ‘the ultimate Apex predator’ playing ‘Cheetah’. To say I’m looking forward to this film would be an understatement. There was no doubt this had to have top billing amongst the Most Wanted Movies December!

Why should we be excited for wonder woman 84?

Firstly, the original film is the most universally loved DC film by both fans and critics

Secondly director Patty Jenkins has proved she can deliver a quality story within a big budget superhero movie

Thirdly Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I mean she’s so powerful in the role and beautiful to watch even though my friend said she her beauty was too distracting to watch at times, especially in slow motion!

And fourth, If you are a superhero fan, this is it for us for 2020. All our other heroes have moved to 2021. Wonder Woman is standing tall, trying to salvage some of 2020 for us. Can she save the day? Most Wanted Movies December certainly believes she can!

This is the kind of film the cinema experience was created for and baring another lock down, UK film fans will be getting this at cinemas on December 16th!  Our American cousins will get it for free on HBO Max but they’ll have to wait a whole week later till Christmas day.  

See the latest Wonder Woman Trailer here

Disney’s Soul is sure to delight kids and adults alike

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Soul -Extended sneak peek ahead of its release

The second one of our 3 incredible movies to feature in Most Wanted Movies December is another one which was destined for the big screen and is now heading straight to our home screens. Disney’s Soul will debut on Disney Plus on Christmas day for no additional cost, unlike Mulan earlier this year.

Disney’s Soul is brought to us by Pixar and stars Jamie Foxx as Joe, a middle school music teacher who, following an ‘incident’ ends up in ‘The great Before’, a fantastical place where people get their personalities from. He teams up with Soul 22 played by Tina Fey and they set about on a fun and touching mission to get find answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

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Why should we be excited about Disney’s Soul?

Firstly, Pixar don’t make bad films-fact. This one does have more in common with previous Pixar outings like ‘Inside out’, which had some basic but insightful ideas about the way we think

Secondly its co-written by Kemp Powers who is a highly creative storyteller, experiencing a hot streak now. He recently wrote the film One night in Miami and Star Trek Discovery- an innovative storyteller

Thirdly, Jamie Foxx’s character Joe is a music teacher. There is sure to be some amazing music as that’s one of the things Disney are known for.

And lastly, Tina Fey. I am a massive Tina Fey fan; I have watched every one of her shows and she is tv comedy genius and just a naturally funny person. As a co-star, she should have the opportunity to let all her funny shine

Disney’s Soul is definitely one of the 3 incredible movies we can’t wait for and will be available to Disney Plus subscribers on Christmas Day

See the latest trailer for Disney’s Soul here

The Remarkable Gary Oldman brings the story behind a classic film to life in Mank on Netflix

Mank will tell the story of alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz aka ‘Mank’ as he struggles to get the screen play of Citizen Kane finished on time for Orson Wells. The two famously clashed during its creation and while the end product is a classic, the journey there was turbulent to say the least

Why should we be looking forward to Mank on Netflix?

It stars Gary Oldman; do you need another reason? Gary is one of the finest actors of any generation. He can bring any character, hero, or villain to life with ease and expertise. He’s amazing and always entertaining to watch

Secondly, Citizen Kane is regarded by many as one of the best films ever made. The opportunity to see and experience some of the drama behind the scenes when it was being put together is an opportunity too good for any film fan to pass up

Mank is guaranteed to be an amazing film with some great performances and hopefully some memorable moments

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Most Wanted Movies December 2020 - A broad, excellent selection of films. These are 3 incredible movies you must see 1

And that’s it for this episode of Most Wanted Movies December 2020. Hope you’ve enjoyed our look at these 3 incredible movies coming soon, if you share our excitement, let us know in the comments.

Wishing everyone a happy, safe Christmas and I’ll see you all again after Christmas to look at what January 2021 has in store for us.

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