Meet The Team

We Talk Film is a London based website. We look deeper than scores, Star ratings or ‘Tomatoes’, as we believe appreciation of creative media is subjective and opinions can’t always be summarised by a score out of 10.  We discuss what we watch, mostly films sometimes TV, give our honest opinions then encourage people to watch, form their own opinion and join our conversation. We remain open to different views and united in our appreciation of the magic of Movies

Creator, Man with the Plan and fan of all Entertainment  media. Doing my best to keep the city safe and entertained.The world is dark enough, let’s look forward to fun stuff together

Festival fan, Trivia tyrant. Lover of a well told story and the people behind them. Here to rave about all things new and exciting in world cinema

Writer, reviewer, commentator, entertainer.Blessed with super-human good-looks he brings positivity, optimism, honesty and humour (and good looks) providing his own unique perspective on proceedings.

Lover of Films, TV and Life, the Original Kal-El. An Avid film reviewer who is energetic and exciting and gives honest overviews. He’s just trying to make the world a better place….One review at a time


Whats New

What’s happening in the world of Film


Our thoughts on what we’ve seen recently. If you disagree, let us know

Living that Blog Life

All about Films- Past, Present & Future



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