The remarkable Road to ‘The Batman’ – Beware, ‘Vengeance’ is almost here!

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From announcement to the final official ‘The Batman’ trailer, how did Robert Pattinson become the mask behind the mask?

Holy Posts Batman…. there is another Caped Crusader movie coming out! in light of the new #Batman movie coming out on March 4th 2022, we thought we would fill you in on the mayor updates to the movie from the announcement of Robert Pattinson to the anticipation of the movie. Are you as excited as we are to watch it? When will you be going to see it? What do you think about Pattinson in the Cape and the Cowl? Let us know in the comments below and keep your eyes peeled for more Batman goodies coming up soon!

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The remarkable Road to 'The Batman' - Beware, 'Vengeance' is almost here! 1

‘The Batman’ star Zoe Kravitz stars in ‘Kimi’, see the official trailer here and read the review here

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