Little Fires Everywhere – Review

Little Fires Everywhere is an 8-part Amazon Prime exclusive series starring Reese Witherspoon as Elena Richardson and Kerry Washington as Mia Warren The series starts at the end and then works its way back over a period of years showing us the events that shaped both characters in their early …

Coming to America: 10 Fascinating Film Facts about the Classic Comedy

Coming to America is a pure comedy gold, but did you know…. 1. It became an Eddie Murphy trademark throughout his career for playing multiple characters in a film, something he has done on seven separate occasions (including in films such as The Nutty Professor, Bow Finger and Norbit) – …

How can Hollywood Survive the Chaos of COVID?

Hollywood is scrambling to find a means to survive our new COVID reality.
As Candyman becomes the latest film to be delayed after Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed back yet again we look at what these latest moves mean for the industry and what happens next.