LFF 2020: Interview with Jennifer Sheridan, Director of Rose

Just a few hours before the world premiere of her debut feature Rose: A Love Story we spoke with it's director about how to create a realistic vampire story, parallels with Covid, and Steven Spielberg You can read the interview below, or give it a watch if you like more ramble D: I'm sure this isn't how you imagined premiering a film but can you still celebrate?J: It's not not at all what I expected to be honest with you, but I'm just grateful to be in the festival and that people are watching it. I can't believe people…
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LFF 2020: Interview with Cathy Brady, director of Wildfire

We sat down (virtually) with Cathy after the European premiere of her debut feature Wildfire at the BFI London Film Festival to talk about transgenerational trauma, shared psychosis and her incredible actors You can read our interview below, or if you're the more visual sort - watch the whole conversation with slightly more rambling from Dani! D: Congratulations on the film Cathy, how has the festival circuit been treating you so far?C: It's all been virtual! With Toronto they did have a physical screening but filmmakers weren't present, and then with London film festival our film is a virtual…
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