We Talk Wakanda Forever Live and break down the sequel

Wakanda forever live

We discuss the good, the great, the bad and the ugly as look at Wakanda Forever live with lots of spoilers!

00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:58 Kalvin’s Review

00:11:30 How was Chadwick Boseman’s death handled?

00:31:49 Did you enjoy Rihanna’s song ‘Lift me up’

00:34:29 What did you think of the story?

00:40:11 Characters we liked, Characters we didn’t

00:52:01 How does Namor compare to other MCU Villians?

01:00:47 What did you think Talokan?

01:06:22 Did Queen Ramonda deserve better?

01:10:59 Is Shuri the right person to be Black Panther?

01:27:31 Where were the Avengers during T’Challas funeral?

01:33:08 What is the future of the Black Panther Franchise?

How much do you know about the original Black Panther Movie? Take the quiz here

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