The Flash Review- DC delivers a Fearless Flashpoint

The Flash Review

The Flash Review: How far would you go and what would you sacrifice to save the ones you love?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For those familiar with The Flash character, comics or TV show the ‘Flashpoint’ premise of the film won’t come as a surprise and is relatable to us all as it wrestles with that conundrum: how far would you go to save a loved one? Most of us have suffered loss and would choose to bring back a loved one without a moment’s hesitation but what if the ramifications of doing so were so severe that they could cause irreparable damage in other areas of life?

This forms the central plank of the film and brings with it genuine emotion and some touching scenes as Ezra Miller‘s Barry Allen does what most if not all of us would instinctively do in taking that second chance to save a loved one despite warnings to the contrary by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck doing his best sage wise mentor role).

The Flash Review
The Flash Review- DC delivers a Fearless Flashpoint 1

What Barry thinks is a simple and straightforward alteration in the past predictably does not go to plan and the rest of the film is spent seeing him trying to make amends and put things right despite knowing that doing so will cost him what he loves the most. Along the way Barry gets assistance from Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton this time in a show stealing reprisal of his role from the classic Tim Burton films) who explains the ‘multiversal’ impact of Barry’s time meddling.

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The Flash Review- DC delivers a Fearless Flashpoint 2

I won’t bore you with the intricacies of it all but in short due to his actions a new timeline has been created which differs from the one he came from. As the timeline is different this gives the film creative licence to introduce different versions of characters to this new timeline Barry finds himself in and allows the film to play some great fan service with some nostalgic touches that should make any DC, Comic book or even just film fan happy.

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The Flash Review- DC delivers a Fearless Flashpoint 3

Despite having such a heart wrenching central theme of grief and loss the film also has a lot of comedic moments throughout (some of which come off better than others) which brings much needed levity.

A good comic book film requires action, and this film does have some very good action sequences with the film wasting no time throwing us into the action right at the beginning of the film. As well as the aforementioned Batmen, Sasha Calle makes the most of her limited screen time as Supergirl and one would hope that James Gunn has a role for her in his new DC.

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The Flash Review- DC delivers a Fearless Flashpoint 4

Ezra Miller is fantastic in their dual roles as two different timeline versions of the titular character. Despite the film being overwhelmingly positive I must say that the CGI was not great in parts and sometimes was distractingly so with is being overly obvious in certain scenes but that doesn’t detract from the film overall.

The Flash is not just a good ‘comic book’ film – it is a good film PERIOD and comes highly recommended. 4/5 stars.

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