DC and Marvel: 20 Powerful Characters possibly separated at birth!

DC and Marvel

DC and Marvel Screen Clash – These heroes and villains are so similar they could be Twins!

These are our pick of 20 DC & Marvel Characters that could be TWINS! Featured in this Marvel Vs DC Screen Clash are 10 heroes and villains from each side that while maybe not identical, could have been separated at birth based on either their appearance, weapon set or mentality. Do you agree or disagree with any of our choices? Let us know

Aquaman played on screen by Jason Mamoa was created in 1941 while Namor recently played by Tenoch Huerta was created 1939. Both are considered underwater kings

DC’s premiere team, ‘The Justice League‘ was created in 1940 whilst the MCU’s A team were created in 1963.

Batman (1939) and Captain America (1941) are two of their respective labels longest serving and most popular characters, who aren’t known for powers but are very often the last heroes standing on the battlefield.

Ironman (1963) and Cyborg (1980) both blend the beauty of metal and technology with man and while Tony Stark may actually be in a suit, the metal and tech are an intrinsic to his hero he is which makes Ironman and Cyborg a great match

While Raven (1980) and The Scarlet Witch (1964) might seem like just another two spellcasters, they possess the powers to potentially be the most powerful characters in DC and the MCU respectively. Raven is the daughter of one of the most power Demons in DC ‘Trigon‘ and Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch has demonstrated on screen recently that she is simply unstoppable in Marvel

Whilst only Doctor Strange (1963) is an actual doctor, Doctor Fate (1940) shares many traits with Steven Strange. They both use magic/illusions in battle and more importantly, both can see potential future outcomes

Superman (1938) is the world’s best-known superhero and the archetype that all others are based on. Captain Marvel (1967) is the Marvels ‘big gun’, able to handle big boss Thanos by herself. Both Superman and Captain Marvel are considered Earths mightiest heroes

Amanda Waller (1986) runs the secret government operation ‘Taskforce X’ and Nick Fury (1963) is in charge of the secret government agency S.H.I.E.L.D. Whilst neither have superpowers, they both run agencies that have super powered heroes and villains and experienced in getting them to fall in line, though their methods are quite different

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Wonder Woman (1941) and Thor (1962) are both immensely powerful demigods, children of Zeus and Odin respectively. They both initially have difficulty adjusting to the world of man but eventually both become mankind’s greatest defenders

Green Arrow aka Arrow (1941) and Hawkeye (1964) are two superheroes without powers but an incredible talent with a bow and arrow. Both use ‘trick’ arrows in combat and they both never miss. If there is ever a DCU/MCU crossover, seeing these two archers go head-to-head would be fantastic

Atom Smasher (1983) and Antman (1962) are two heroes who use science to alter their size immensely and their size and power often have devastating and comical effects

Darkseid (1970) is one of DC’s most powerful Supervillains, a ‘new god’ obsessed with enslaving the multiverse to eliminate hope and free will. Thanos (1973) is one of Marvel’s most terrifying Supervillains, obsessed with destroying half of all life in the Universe to bring balance. Thanos’ creator drew inspiration from Darkseid and DC’s new gods storyline

Amongst all the characters on both sides of the fence, none appear more similar than Deadpool (1991) and Deathstroke (1980). From their costumes to their weaponry. they could truly be considered tweo peas in a pod if not for the fact Deathstroke is a villain and Deadpool is an ‘antihero’

Deadshot (1950) and Bullseye (1976) are two mercenaries/hitmen for hire who take weapon accuracy to another level. Whether guns or any projectile weapon, they never miss their targets

The Flash (1939) is considered ‘the fastest man alive’ in the DC Universe and while Quicksilver (1964) is described as ‘fastest than lightning’ he isn’t fast enough to break the space/time continuum and time travel as the Flash does

The Joker (1940) and The Green Goblin (1964) are simply two supervillains who exist to bring pain and chaos to Gotham and New York city. There is no plan to take over the world.

Nightwing (1963) and Daredevil (1964) are two highly athletic heroes, expert martial artists who are both fearless in their approach to crime fighting. They both also favour Eskrima Sticks as their weapons

Redhood (2005) was first Jason Todd, Batmans second Robin who was brutally murdered by the Joker. The Winter Soldier (2005) was initially Bucky Barnes, murdered then brought back by the Nazi’s. They both returned as killers and even though they now fight for the right side, they are quite comfortable with murdering bad guys, unlike other heroes

Red Tornado (1960) is a super powered android, Vision (1968) is an android created by Ultron to take on the Avengers. Both gain self-awareness, evolve and turn on their creators to fight for the good guys

Punisher (1974) and Vigilante (1982) are both heroes who go out of their way to shoot, stab and blow away the bad guys, and any law enforcement that get in their way in pursuit of justice/revenge for their murdered families

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