Superheroes & Villains in love – Their Greatest Movie Romances


Ten of the greatest comic book love stories and romances that now live on the big screen

Much is made of the virtuous deeds of Superheroes, about their powers, who would win in a battle and of course who their greatest nemesis is. But these titans of the comic book page and screen often have a much simpler motivation – Love.

That one true love that matters to them more than defeating the villain (or hero), and for whom they would give up their powers, break the rules or even kill for. These relationships have relented throughout the years in different iterations in different comics and eventually on the big screen. These heroes will give up everything for their movie loves. Here’s ten of the greatest.

Possibly the most well-known and enduring comic book romance of all time. Superman will happily leave his team in the middle of a fight, give up his powers and even turn back time to rescue Lois Lane.

All she has to do is call

Spiderman and MJ may not be the most romantic couple, but their relationship is always a feature in every Spiderman movie. They can also claim to own the most iconic often imitated ‘upside down’ kiss

Hulk and Betty Ross are another long running comic couple who have made it to the big screen. Betty has always been the only one who can ‘calm the beast’. And ‘Betty’ was actually one of the first words Hulk learnt, apart from ‘Smash’. The Hulk/Black Widow romance in Avengers 2 was silly, its always been about Betty

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Whether operating as the Dark Knight or as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, Batman can’t stay away from Catwoman. While there have been other love interests, Batman and Catwoman have been on/off for over 50yrs and are set to continue in the next film ‘The Batman‘ with Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

From the first day they met, Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter became each other’s destiny. Their love endured 70yrs frozen in ice, battles against Hydra then Thanos and time travelling with infinity stones – all to have that one dance together-True love

The very definition of crazy in love, this relationship grew from boss/Hench woman, to completely mad to dangerous obsession. The extent of this unhealthy relationship has only recently been explored on the big screen in the Birds of Prey & Suicide Squad movies

This one was truly a case of opposites attracting. The serious intergalactic assassin dubbed ‘the most dangerous woman in the universe’ and the playful space cowboy. They went from ‘no way’ to deeply in love and despite Gamora having some serious family issues, Star Lord let half the universe get wiped out fighting for her. That’s Superman/Lois level of commitment!

The story of Tony and Pepper on the big screen ran from the very start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Iron Man 1. We see Tony go from carefree playboy millionaire to responsible husband and father 25 films later. Pepper proved to be the love he needed, eventually helping him become the man he wanted to be. Their love is immortalised in the popular line ‘I love you 3000’

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Another love story that manages to transcend time and space. Diana Prince was lucky that the first man she ever met turned out to be her true love. More than lovers, they were partners on the battlefield, often saving each other from certain death. Steve Trevor will always be Wonder Womans one true love

This one might be a bit more obscure but go with it.

Most Supervillains are after money, power or world domination.

The death of half of the planet for Thanos became an obsession, his purpose, and his reason for existing -his love. Even after it became apparent his plan wouldn’t work, he still pursued it relentlessly. Thanos was in love with the personification of Death

Have we missed any important ones?

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