First Date Movies: 10 Unforgettable film picks

perfect first date movie

Here are 10 great choices for the perfect first date

The first date movie has a lot to accomplish. It can determine how compatible you are and even if you share things like a sense of humour. You might fake a laugh when having a conversation but whether and when you laugh in a film will reveal what you really find funny! That first date movie can become the foundation upon which your relationship is built. It becomes even more important on occasions like Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s a great movie or a terrible one, if its memorable it will have a lasting impact on a relationship going forward. It becomes part of ‘your story’ and even who you both become as a ‘couple’ in the future. So, when choosing that first movie, choose wisely! Especially if it’s for a Valentines first date! If you need some ideas, here’s some of our best choices to help you decide

Superheroes and Villains in love – See More here

This is the final question from volume 1 of this series which explores the impact film had on our lives growing up. The idea behind this series was to show that before politics, hate and hurt we are human beings and looking at the world with a common lens can sometimes reveal that despite our many differences, on a fundamental level, we have more in common than maybe we realised.

Hope you have enjoyed taking this journey with me, if nothing else I found it insightful and revealing just how much the entertainment we hold dear has influenced our outlook on life.

Thanks to the fabulous cast that took the time to record and send me their videos and to everyone who supported this along the way -very much appreciated

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  1. Great montages. Really got me thinking about my faves and potentials for the future. Loved it

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