April is bringing some great films to our screen – Most Wanted Movies April 21


April has a variable feast of films available to suit all tastes, from award nominated films to streaming service movie releases.

As We Talk Film celebrate our first anniversary, the team have come together to give our movie recommendations for April and thoughts on other releases coming soon

We’ve included the time stamps for the video so if you are short on time you can go straight to the film you are interested in

00:47 The Mauritanian: Kal is really looking forward to this story of injustice. He just needs to remember how to pronounce it!

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Jodie Foster believes everyone deserves a defence, even accused terrorists

You can see Mysteree’s review for The Mauritanian here and also view the full trailer here

02:15 Mortal Kombat: Mysteree talks childhood memories of the fighting game and its use of blood and guts

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The whole Squad is here, it’s going to get messy!

02:50 Baftas & Oscars: Dani breaks down award season

04:20 Mortal Kombat: Matt compares the original Mortal Kombat to the new release

05:30 Thunder Force: Kalvin reveals his undercover crush for one of the stars

thunder force
Find out who Kalvin’s secret crush is

06:26 Without Remorse: Matt is interested in Michael B Jordan’s performance in this film

07:18 Creed 3 news: Kal not sure about its new director

creed 3
Michael B Jordan can do no wrong in Hollywood at the moment

08:29 Nomadland: Dani’s most anticipated from the award season

The critically acclaimed Nomadland finally gets an official UK release this April

10:12 Godzilla vs Kong: Find out why Kalvin is Team KONG

kong insta cover
Are you Team Godzilla or Team Kong?

12:18 The Unholy: Kalvin debates watching this new April horror film. What do you think? View the full trailer here

The Virgin Mary pays a visit in The Unholy

13:40 The team discuss Cinemas re opening in May 2021, Black Widow and Disney Plus

black widow disney plus
Black Widow is coming this July to Disney Plus Premiere and Cinemas on the same day

15:18 The Suicide Squad: Kal, Dani & Mysteree discuss the latest trailer and Stallone as King Shark!

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16:22 Wrath of Man: The team discuss the return of Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie

See the first full explosive trailer here

16:55 Zack Snyder’s Justice League: The team give their thought *Spoiler – Dani still won’t watch it!*

You can read Mysteree’s 4-star review here

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally here. What did you think?
flash gif
The Flash time travels to erase the Jos Whedon Cut from memory

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