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May 2021

These are the films set to make May 2021 a magnificent month for movies

May 2021 will be an incredibly significant month for UK film fans. According to the Prime Minister’s Roadmap out of lockdown, UK indoor cinemas will be allowed to reopen from May 17th. For people who prefer to watch films in the comfort of their homes, its inconsequential. But for people like myself who find the home environment has too many distractions to really enjoy a film, this news is music to our ears. So, let’s toast to May 2021 being the month the movies returned home to the big screens. Get your masks, your jabs and whatever you need to make yourself and others feel comfortable. Let’s get out and show the cinemas some love and say ‘we missed you! ‘

So, what does May 2021 have in store for us when it arrives?  As you can imagine there are a ton of delayed movies which the studios have been itching to get out to us. There is still some level of uncertainty as they don’t really know how many of us will leave our homes again. Or how long it will take us to feel comfortable in those surroundings again. Godzilla proved moderately successful over in the states on cinema screens of measured against similar pandemic releases so this will somewhat of a trial for the UK to access our big screen appetite.

The returns on these films will determine whether studios start moving their releases up back to summer or consider sliding them further down the line, possibly to 2022. Here are a few of the gems I think we should be supporting this May.

First up is Free Guy (trailer) starring Ryan Reynolds. Now like most actors now, Ryan has a large presence and working relationship with Netflix. He’s action-comedy thriller Red Notice with The Rock and Gal Gadot ones out later this year and with a cast of that character, you can guarantee Netflix will be pulling out all the stops to promote it. But back to Free Guy. Ryan stars as an NPC (non-playable character) in a video game who gets bored with the same daily routine and decides to shake things up just a bit.

He soon discovers the game world he inhabits may soon be destroyed unless he can save the day. He is joined by rising UK star Jodie Comer (killing eve) in her first major big screen role. She played the avatar of a player who also knows the world’s fate and teams up with him.

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Now since Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has found his corner of the market and he is sticking to it. Whilst this won’t have the violence or bad language of a film like Deadpool, Ryan will be charming, funny and the film will be packed with both action and comical set pieces. It will be interesting to see how Jodie Comer handles herself on the big screen opposite someone with the star power of Reynolds but having watched her on television, I have a strange feeling she just might steal the show! Free Guy is looking like so much fun and will be hitting cinemas on May 21st.

I was going to talk about Guys Ritchie and Jason Statham reuniting in Wrath of God but that’s now listed as a May release in the US only. It’s now scheduled for a July release in the UK so moving

Next up is Army of the Dead (trailer), a heist movie the likes of which you have never seen before. Visionary director Zack Snyder, fresh off his Justice League success on HBO Max, is set to spread some of his slow-motion magnificence to Netflix. Army of the Dead is Zack Snyders follow up to one of his earlier directorial efforts, Dawn of the Dead, which was released 17yrs ago. When it comes to on screen popularity,

Zombies are almost as popular as vampires, both on the big screen and small screen. Theyn have become such stable part of our entertainment diet that simply having a zombie in a movie is insufficient. Taking that into account, Zack Snyder has set about trying to give us something we possibly haven’t seen before -smart zombies!

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These zombies have a command structure, they can think, plan, and mobilise, hence the’ Army’ in the title. Like any good heist movie, we have a group of characters with various skill sets out to complete a big money score. This one is to claim the contents of a safe abandoned in Las Vegas in the midst of a Zombie outbreak. Zack has assembled a great fun cast to carry out his heist including Dave Bautista, Huma Qureshi, Omari Hardwick, and Ana de la Reguera. This one is guaranteed to be bloody, action packed with some beautifully stylish zombie kills when it arrives on Netflix May 21st.

And finally, are you ready to play a game?! Spiral (trailer)will be hitting our screens this May, straight from the book of Saw. The Saw series is one of Hollywood’s most well-known Horror franchises. The Jigsaw killer created some memorable traps and devices which lead to some completely gruesome deaths. The traps are a trademark of the franchise and from watching the trailer for Spiral, the tradition seems certain to carry on. It stars Comedy legend Chris Rock in an uncharacteristically serious role, as the detective in the middle of the spirally web of brutality. Samuel L Jackson as his father, a retired officer with an undisclosed connection to the killer. Spiral will hit our screens May 21st.

Other films of note this month include Warner Bros film Those who wish me dead with Angelina Jolie, Cruella on Disney plus with Emma Stone, Amy Adams in The Woman in the Window and Jennifer Hudson in Monster, both on Netflix. See you in June

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