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The Invisible Man Review

https://youtu.be/cGpovwy7aps The Invisible Man review: This is a remake of the classic film given a modern twist making it more grounded and relatable to today’s audiences. A stellar turn by Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia propels the film which sees her dead abusive boyfriend seemingly continue to torment her from beyond the grave. Whilst the rest of the supporting cast fail to believe her that such a thing is possible the film does not attempt to insult the intelligence of the watching audience by having us think the same (the film’s title is its biggest spoiler alert) and instead makes it…
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Is the Invisible Man movie strong enough stand alone outside its Dark universe?

On 28th February Universal Pictures in collaboration with Horror studio specialists Blumhouse will release The Invisible Man, a remake of the classic film helmed by Saw writer Leigh Wannell. Initial reviews have been positive and it seems that Universal’s re-imagining of the story will be a hit when released but it all could have been so much different. Do you remember the film The Mummy? No not the Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz starring film that first hit cinemas in 1999 and spawned sequels The Mummy Returns and The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor as well as the 2002…
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