Black Adam Trailer: Vengeful Return of the DC King to be

Black Adam One Power Trailer

Before the age of DC Heroes and Villains, the one true power in DC was Black Adam

The latest Black Adam trailer surprisingly features footage from the Justice League’s previous movies, which signals an intention to carry on with that shared universe. Although they were very careful with what they showed. While Aquaman and Wonder Woman were on full display, (as was fan favourite villain Harley Quinn), we were only shown Amy Adams touching the ‘S’ ok Superman’s chest (no face) and a simple yet unmistakable batarang. And unlike the latest Shazam trailer, this time there was no Flash shown

This clearly indicates that while Warner Discovery are pushing forward, there are still many unresolved issues regarding the cinematic future of characters like Nen Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavils Superman and Ezra Millers Flash. What we are treated to though is narration from the DCEU’s very own Nick Fury- Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) who having appeared in a number of DC projects, just might be the only common thread holding the DC Universe together!

With rumours of a possible Henry Cavil Superman cameo and the fact this will be the first major release under new Warner Discovery boss and the Rock is a merciless self-promoter desperate to be a major figure in DC going forward, the Black Adam movie may have some answers and give an indication as to the direction DCs cinematic future will take when it arrives in ‘Rock-Tober’

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