January 22

Bullets, Beauties and Vampire Bites are on the movie menu this New Year – Welcome to January 22

The start of the year is not typically great for movies, but these films prove that trend is shifting. There are some great films to sink your teeth into, so what are you waiting for?! Experience the return of the dynamic duo of Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham. Their collaboration earlier this year ‘Wrath of Man‘ (review) was a much more serious affair than Operation Fortune which seems to have more heart and laughs

The Sony ‘Spiderman’ Cinematic Universe readies its next release ‘Morbius‘ with a new sense of optimism and a spring in their step as ‘Spider Man No Way Home‘ just became one of the biggest box office releases of all time. They will do their best to ensure this is liked tightly into Venom and Spider Man.

The 355 was delayed for a year due to the pandemic but that hasn’t stopped it from looking fantastic

January 22 Movies kick off with a New Year blast 1

Official Trailer for ‘The 355’ here

Official Trailer for Operation Fortune here

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