Disney’s Mulan – Niki Caro talks about her amazing cast

Disney's Mulan review

Mulan Director talks about her amazing lead actors

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This will be the first big test for Disney plus as it will introduce their ‘premiere access’ and the result could determine the future for a number of releases going forward. Some may question though the logic of releases this on a streaming service while bringing New Mutants to the big screen? In reality, super powered hero type movies are in abundance at the moment while this type of martial arts epic are more rare and only come along every few years.

The likes of crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon gave a different kind of spectacle which people were eager to see at the cinema. If Mulan is in that same vein (which it appears to be from the trailer above), it might have made sense for the massively delayed New Mutants to go to the streaming service and this remain at the cinema. 

 Either way, Disney’s Mulan looks stunning and the cast are all of high quality, so my hopes remain high for the film, regardless of where I watch it. But the question remains, will you be paying £29.99 to watch it on top of your Disney Plus subscription? You do get to keep it and keep watching as long as you stay subscribed. Is that a fair deal for a big budget movie?

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