Hugh Jackman is a scientist searching the past for lost love in Reminiscence

There’s nothing as enticing as good times from the past, especially when your present isn’t great. Reminiscence is written and directed by Lisa Joy and Ryan Brady. It stars Hugh Jackman as a scientist who invents a machine that enables people to spend time interacting with their memories.

High Jackman and Thandie Newton in Reminiscence

He decides to try and track down his true love to find out what happened to her. But when the past is so alluring, would you want to come back to the present? It also stars Thandie Newton, Rebecca Fergusson and Daniel Wu and will be with us this August

Hugh Jackman in Reminiscence
Reminiscence Official Trailer - The past can be addictive

Hugh Jackman is a scientist with a machine that allows people to relive and interact with memories. He decides to go looking for his lost love but finds dangers he couldn't predict.

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