Kevin Hart learns how to be an Action Star in Die Hart- Coming to Quibi-July 20th

Have you heard of Quibi before?  Many people haven't. Its the brain child of Jeffrey Katzenberg (co founder of DreamWorks) and wants to be your new 'Netflix'. What makes it different? Its designed purely for mobile devices and all the shows are around the 10 mins mark. You see, Quibi is short for Quick Bites. They want to offer entertainment you can consume and binge without losing all the hours in the day. There are a host of A list celebrities signed on already producing content for it  (they have been paid a lot of money to get involved). If…
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Best Cop Buddy movies – It takes two to make a thing go right

Who wears the 'Cop Buddy Movies' Crown? People tend to have strong views when it comes to police officers. But whether you like or loathe them, there's one area historically we all agree with - we all love Buddy Cop movies. The concept of two 'mismatched' police officers from 'different sides of the tracks', thrown together against their will has been a prominent feature in films for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories of this genre was Lethal Weapon. These two officers couldn't be more different in terms of their backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyle. The…
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