Memorable Movie Music-Movies That Made Us pt3

Memorable Movie Music that you love When it comes to movie music, it can be just as important as any other element. In fact, not only can the right song make or break a film, it can often be the best thing about an otherwise 'just ok' movie. You can walk away feeling the film was better than it was. Movie music can also expose you to genres or styles of music you wouldn't have come across normally. For example, a Hip-hop fan might fall in love with a classical piece because it perfectly framed a scene in their…
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Heroes & Villains-Movies That Made Us

Who are the Heroes and Villains we love? Every Villain is the Hero of their own story We all love talking about movies. This is the second in a series of questions about the impact film has had on our lives. Part Two features Dani, Matt Black, Khariis, Emma, Kalvin, Sarah, Glen, Katie, Maryann, Karen, Toya What are the favourite film franchises of all time? find out here
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