MCU DC 2023 Preview: Is DC’s 2023 Slate really better than Marvel’s?

MCU DC 2023 Preview of the full slate of Marvel and DC Upcoming Movies including the Sony/Marvel films and the upcoming interconnected Disney Plus shows Is DC’s 2023 Movie Slate really BETTER than Marvel’s? Preview of the Marvel and DC Upcoming Movies 2023: the full slate including the Sony/Marvel films …

These are 10 of the Most Fantastic Film Franchises of All Time

Film franchises are unique in that they grow with us. We become invested in the characters and story lines and follow them like our favourite TV shows over a period. We sometimes wait up to 5 years to get all the parts of the story but occasionally that wait can be up to 20yrs! In that way they grow with us, characters get older and the content gets more complex or mature. Not all parts of these franchises are necessarily great but they form part of a bigger picture, a story we are heavily invested in and must know what happens next!

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