Batman Joins the MCU!

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Batman trades masks as he crosses over to Marvel

Many people consider Christian Bales portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne to be the definitive version of the Legendary DC hero so to hear it confirmed by Valkyrie herself Tessa Thompson that Christian will be joining Taiki Waititi’s Thor 4-Love and Thunder has sent shockwaves of excitement through DC & Marvel fandoms. And if the rumours are true, he will be swapping his Bat mask for a metal one to play Dr Doom, the leader of the fictional nation Latveria. Brilliant with a scientific mind as well as egotistical and maniacal. This could be a match made in super villain heaven

I personally can’t wait. My favourite Bruce Wayne was Michael Keaton and my favourite Batman was Ben Affleck (controversial but the warehouse fight scene is untouched in Batman movies). So, I am nothing but excited to see him join this universe as a villain. Christian Bale is a notorious method actor, known for immersing himself both physically and mentally in his characters so for me Batman wasn’t really his lane, plus that ridiculous deep voice he did for batman was silly and comical. But playing a villain? It’s almost what he should have always been aiming for.

Thor 4 is shooting now and will be with us November 2021

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