Beckett is a conspiracy thriller where a beautiful holiday in Greece turns deadly


In Beckett, John David Washington is on the run when he is falsely accused of killing his girlfriend following a fatal car crash

John David Washington is Beckett, an American tourist on holiday in Greece with his girlfriend April (Alicia Vikander). Their idyllic experience is shattered when they are involved in a devastating car crash. Beckett wakes up in hospital to find his girlfriend has died, and he is being falsely accused of causing her death.

It becomes a race against time as Beckett becomes the target of a manhunt across Athens and he desperately tries to reach safety and security in the US Embassy. When Beckett discovers the Greek police have little intention of bringing him in alive, he realises there is more going on than he originally thought.

This has a more than a touch of Harrison Fords ‘The Fugitive’ to it. Directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino and with a decent supportive cast, let’s see if it has the same level of suspense and intrigue when it arrives next month

Update: See the Beckett Review here

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