Will Bill and Teds Perfect song fulfil their destiny?

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Every good series needs a third act to complete the trilogy but no one expected it to come almost 25yrs later! When Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure released in 1989, it built a strong cult following. Its sequel, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey was even more successful. For many this was the start of a journey with Keanu Reeves which, regardless of what you think of him as an actor, has seen him go from strength to strength. Some have questioned why now, is it a cash grab? Well, I don’t know about Alex Winter but Keanu is in the process of filming the next part in 2 very successful franchises (The Matrix 4 and John Wick 3) so he doesn’t need the money. Interviews with Keanu show this is a passion project he has wanted to make for a long time. There is a special affinity for these two lovable characters which, even after 25 years, came flooding back to me. Those of us who were firmly in the Bill and Ted camp as opposed to Wayne’s World are eagerly anticipating their return, hoping the magic is still there. It remains to be seen if everyone else ‘gets it’ I have no idea how this will be received by the current film going audiences. Will it be embraced by new fans or will be like a joke that was only funny if you were there at the time?

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