January 2023 Movie Quiz – See What You Truly Know about ‘PLANE’ movies

Jan 2023 PLANE Movie Quiz Questions and Clips 1200 ×

The January 2023 Movie Quiz featured at the recent We Talk Film Movie Night event – See What You Know about ‘PLANE’ movies

Test your film trivia knowledge with the January 2023 Movie Quiz

Test your film trivia knowledge with these 12 questions themed around films that involve planes. The answers follow after all the questions have been asked.

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00:22 Q1 Gerald Butler’s name in the movie 300? 06:14 Q1 Answer

01:01 Q2 Mike Colter Played which Marvel Superhero? 06:42 Q2 Answer

01:24 Q3 Harrison Ford played the President in which Movie? 07:02 Q3 Answer

01:55 Q4 What is the name of Liam Neeson’s airline thriller? 07:23 Q4 Answer

02:19 Q5 Disney’s Planes is a spinoff from which series? 07:39 Q5 Answer

02:44 Q6 The name of John Malkovich’s villain in Con Air 07:59 Q6 Answer

03:14 Q7 In Snakes on a Plane, Samuel L Jackson worked for? 08:19 Q7 Answer

03:46 Q8 What meal made the pilots and passengers sick in Airplane? 08:37 Q8 Answer

04:19 Q9 Wesley Snipes foiled a plane hijack in what movie? 08:57 Q9 Answer

04:50 Q10 What is the name of the movie based on ‘The miracle on the Hudson’? 09:17 Q10 Answer

05:30 Q11 What time of day is a ‘Red Eye’ Flight? 09:37 Q11 Answer

05:55 Q12 What was Denzel Washington accused of in ‘Flight’? 09:58 Q12 Answer

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January 2023 Movie Quiz
January 2023 Movie Quiz - See What You Truly Know about 'PLANE' movies 1
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