Fatal Affair Review

Fatal Affair: Love turns deadly in this thriller from Netflix Fatal Affair is a Psychological Thriller distributed by Netflix, Directed by Peter Sullivan and starring Nia Long (Boyz ‘N’ the Hood / Love Jones / The Best Man) and Omar Epps (Juice / Love & Basketball / The Wood). The movie follows a woman named Ellie Warren (Nia Long) who is in a struggling marriage and through her work, she meets up with an old college friend that she has not seen in twenty years called David Hammond (Omar Epps). One night after a few drinks, Ellie and David nearly…
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RONA – Reach Out, Never Alone

RONA-Inspired by life reflections during self isolation Whats your purpose, tell me whats your plan? To scale the highest mountains, to visit distant lands To make more money than you could ever spend To be the greatest lover, or just to have a best friend To create the next great gadget or find Cancer's cure To save the whole planet of live a life that's pure To drink till you forget then forget to remember That trauma from your past, tragedy in November Make love till you drop or have a few good kids To sin and sin again…
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