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Batgirl-Could Yara Shahidi be our next Phenomenal hero?

Who will Answer the Bat Call? When it comes to strong on screen representation, the ladies of DC are leading the way. Is Yara Shahidi about to get the 'Batgirl Call' from Matt Reeves?  DC’s recent casting choices have been nothing short of inspirational. Despite the initial backlash they received over casting Anna Diop as Star fire in Titans, DC stuck to their guns and once the show aired, all but the harshest of Trolls were silenced. Its unanimously agreed that she is awesome in the role of Star Fire, bringing a real humanity, power and vulnerability to an alien being   Zoe Kravitz had it all growing up,…
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Gotham PD coming to HBO Max

Gotham PD will be a procedural police drama set in the same Universe as the forthcoming movie The Batman. The presumption is, it will focus on Commissioner Gordon, to be played in the new movie by Jeffrey Wright. This could work well, spinning off from the main movie. But if Matt Reeves could find a brand new angle or approach, that would prove to be a lot more interesting for fans who feel like they have seen all this already. Auto Draft
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Will Batflecks Epic return Clash with Pattinson Batman?

13 Questions answered about the Dark Knights return in 2021 There have been stories recently that HBO Max want Ben Affleck to reprise his role as the caped crusader alongside Jared Leto in a film for their streaming service but could this actually be true? Let’s take a look and see how credible the rumours are and how they could go about making it happen….. Firstly how can Ben Affleck come back, hasn’t Robert Pattinson already been cast as Batman? Yes he has and will star in ‘The Batman’ directed by Matt Reeves and due for release next year BUT…..…
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