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Here are our 10 amazing movies that encouraged us to be better. We all love Movies; we all love talking about movies. This is the first in a series of questions about the impact film has had on our lives. Part One features Dani, Matt Black, Mysteree, Amina, Emma, Kalvin, Sarah, Glen, Katie, Maryann, Karen and Toya


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By Emeke 'Mysteree' Maduka

Writer & Digital content creator. The hero Gotham needs

2 thought on “10 Amazing movies that made us”
  1. Nice segment. Totally agree with the 1970s version of Monte Cristo. Terminator 2 for me. Skynet is real and we clearly did not learn anything from the movies. Why do we continue to try and blur lines between AI and humans?

    1. But in the end, didn’t our friendship with the advanced AI cyborg save us! 🙂

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