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Octobers Most Wanted – BFI London Film Festival 2020 Preview

Most Wanted looks at some of the films the London Film Festival will be showcasing this October https://youtu.be/laY0PRYbdSM When we thought all hope was lost for October, the BFI London FIlm Festival 2020 is almost here to bring us some fantastic films, directors and incredible talent, both established and rising. These may not be CGI fuelled blockbusters but they are beautifully crafted stories from all genres, with gripping performances and imaginative settings designed to wow us. Ammonite starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan
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What is the Perfect Movie for a first date?

Does the First Date Movie choice matter? https://youtu.be/9rYhBvwI7i4 The first date movie has a lot to accomplish. It can determine how compatible you are and even if you share things like a sense of humour. You might fake a laugh when having a conversation but whether and when you laugh in a film will reveal what you really find funny! That first date movie can become the foundation upon which your relationship is built. Whether it's a great movie or a terrible one, if its memorable it will have a lasting impact on a relationship going forward. It becomes part…
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10 Amazing movies that made us

https://youtu.be/9_LDuHZ8BEg Here are our 10 amazing movies that encouraged us to be better. We all love Movies; we all love talking about movies. This is the first in a series of questions about the impact film has had on our lives. Part One features Dani, Matt Black, Mysteree, Amina, Emma, Kalvin, Sarah, Glen, Katie, Maryann, Karen and Toya PreviousNext Find great Movies here
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