‘Morbius’ Review – With limited time, is it a worthwhile watch?


Jared Leto takes flight as Morbius, the living Vampire, but can his bite satisfy your comic book movie thirst?

What in the world of rising Gas & Electrical prices is going on with this Morbius Movie? This movie is the biggest pile of… I can’t repeat it here! What is J-Lo Leto playing at? That’s right, I will be calling him J-Lo Leto from now on!
To be honest, due to the reviews that I had heard before watching the movie, my expectations for this movie were extremely low. And somehow, I was still disappointed.

What makes me angry is the fact that this movie could have actually been something very special, but Sony dropped the ball big-time.
The movie follows a male called Michael Morbius (J-Lo Leto), who has a rare blood disorder. It follows him through his life as he tries to find a cure for himself and his adopted brother Milo Morbius (Matt Smith). Michael finds an unconventional cure following a visit to a remote island and some dodgy illegal experiments.

Dr Michael Morbius on the run from the law

However, this miracle cure leaves him with the ability to change into a vicious vampire, with the need to feed on blood. His brother also takes the cure, and the same thing happens to him. Milo becomes a villain whilst Michael becomes a hero whilst being tracked down by two police detectives, played by Tyrese Gibson and Al Madrigal

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I am actually a fan of Leto, I think that he is a very good ‘Method Actor’ but recently, I don’t think that he has been choosing the right films to show off his abilities. To be honest, he is not the worst thing in this movie, he tries with what he was given, but unfortunately, he was not given very much to work with. The trailers have also been very misleading.

One of the many scenes from the trailer that were absent from the movie

A lot of the clips that were shown in the trailer are not in this movie. You have a very different movie to what was advertised, and I can see people complaining in regard to that. All the references to Spiderman made in the trailer have been removed from the main movie

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This is meant to be in the same universe as the Marvel/Sony’s Tom Holland Spiderman, however there is no visible link that can be seen.
Unfortunately, I cannot say much that is positive about this film. The performances were mediocre, there were no standouts, and I cannot say that I am looking forward to a sequel.

Michael Morbius awaits treatment for his deadly blood disease

Now, they are trying to set up the comic famous ‘Sinister Six’ as can be seen in the two post credit scenes, but even those scenes do not make sense. And I swear that Michael Keaton (Who was meant to be in the main film but was not) was not even present in one of the scenes and was played by another random person.

Jared Leto becomes the man with the powers of a Bat

It’s hard not to give any spoilers away, but saying that, it would not entice you to see the movie anyway! But I am curious to hear what you thought about the movie. Am I being too harsh? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments.
Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility! Sony should have remembered this quote!

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