Best New Movies to Watch this Weekend: Nov 18th – 20th

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Here are our Picks of the Best New Movies to watch this weekend

There’s a host of new movies out this weekend, both on streaming services and on the big screen. Sometimes it can be hard too narrow it down, especially when you don’t have much time. So here are our picks of the best new films out this weekend for your viewing pleasure.

Will Farrell and Ryan Reynolds kick off the Christmas season in a big way with their Apple TV Plus movie ‘Spirited‘. Its full of Christmas spirit and positive messages, you can read the review here. Amy Adams returns in Disenchanted (trailer), the sequel to the 2007 movie Enchanted to show us what happens after the ‘happily ever after’.

Ralph Fiennes is a Chef with an axe to grind which he takes out on Anna Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and his other guests in ‘The Menu’ (review). Anne Hathway and Anthony Hopkins put in great performances in the drama ‘Armageddon Time (trailer)‘, from director James Gray about his own experiences growing up in 19080s Regan era America

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