Blonde Review – Enlightening, Beautiful and Tragic


Netflix and Director Andrew Dominik bring the story of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe to the screen in ‘Blonde’

Marilyn Monroe is one of Hollywood’s best-known actresses from its golden age and quite possibly its first official sex symbol. But what was behind the beauty and that infectious smile? Director Andrew Dominik attempts to pull back the curtain to tell the story behind the platinum blonde hair and those iconic moments.

The movie is shot mostly in black and white which always adds a certain class to movies or pictures, but colour is used occasionally I believe to illustrate the moments in her life when she was genuinely happy, which unfortunately there weren’t many of.

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This movie is 2 and a half hours of harrowing abuse. Unlike the titanic before it sank, there were no fun nits or joy in between. All her successes in Hollywood are deflated once we are shown the story behind them. Normally with biopics we get to enjoy the high points of an artist’s career, even if they eventually take their own life, but there were no such points with Marilyn

The movie is beautifully shot, brilliantly acted but really quite depressing. It’s difficult to Find any moments where she wasn’t being sexually or physically assaulted, or manipulated, concerned or just happy to be a movie star. This is an enlightening yet depressing tale of a tragic beauty and I for one will never see those iconic moments the same way again

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