The Old Guard Review-Charlize is Humanities Immortal Protector

The Old Guard Review

The Old Guard could be the start of a promising action franchise

The Old Guard is another attempt by Netflix to launch a successful action-adventure franchise. This comes is based on a graphic novel and leans on the Supernatural elements of the action-adventure genre

Charlize Theron has no shortage in experience when it comes to playing an action star. From Furiosa in Max to Aeon Flux to Atomic Blonde. She is always more than ready to play the part of arse kicking hero. This role sees her also take on the role of mentor to Kiki Layne, leading a team of covert mercenaries. Their mission is to protect the world without being seen. But when it comes to doing their job, they have one small ace up their sleeves – They can’t die!

The Old Guard
The Old Guard Review-Charlize is Humanities Immortal Protector 1

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In that manner the film has a strange parallel to life. We live like we are invincible, especially when young but the older we get the more we realise just how vulnerable we are and in reality, we could die at any time. What we do with our time here is what counts

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