In The Old Guard,Immortal Mercs Fight for Anonymity and Survival

The Old Guard

The Old Guard – Coming to Netflix July 2020

The Old Guard – ‘Forever is longer than it looks’

Charlize Theron returns to the action genre once again with the latest big budget Movie from Netflix. When I first heard about the Immortality element, I was unsure if they were going down the route of mythical/supernatural powers or a science experiment gone wrong. The trailer makes it clear it is supernatural. Despite that, its pretty clear the intention is to be more of a slick action-adventure movie rather than one obsessed with special effects and spectacular superpowers.

There is definitely more grit and dirt that bright colours. Charlize plays a character called Andy who along with her team are mercenaries for hire who appear unable to die. Their latest recruit is played by Kiki Layne who they must show the ropes, especially the ability to remain hidden to protect themselves. Quite likely Kiki will become the most powerful of them, think Neo joining Morpheus team in the Matrix.

With a supporting cast which includes Chiwetel Ejiofor, Harry Melling, this should definitely bring that cinema feel to our homes when it drops this July

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old guard
In The Old Guard,Immortal Mercs Fight for Anonymity and Survival 1

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