Bodies Bodies Bodies Movie Review: It’s a Gen Z Murder fest

Bodies Bodies Bodies review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s all fun and games, drugs and pill popping until the ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ start dropping

If you are of a certain age, you’re bound to have memories of that one legendary party where everything started great then ends up going incredibly wrong. Even if you’re still young, you might be about to have one of those experiences now. This is the story of one of those unforgettable nights.

Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) decides to take her new girlfriend Bee (Maria Bakalova) to a hurricane party being thrown by her lifelong friends. Sophie comes from a very rich background, as does her friends. Bee, who is from a working-class background is understandably apprehensive about attending and fitting in with these rich 20 somethings.

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Sophie reassures her and they attend the party together, where they partake in all manner of excess. From drinking to drugs to wild party games. The atmosphere is heavily charged with sexual energy, flirtation, wise cracks and insults at each other’s expense. It’s obvious to Bee that these guys know each other very well and have history, some of it not very pleasant. So, when one of the guests is found with his neck slit, no one is above suspicion. Is it one of them or is there a murderer in the house?

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is the English language directorial debut for Halina Reijn and takes the tried and tested ‘teen slasher’ formula and attempts something different with it. Unlike traditional movies in the genre, there are no obvious throw away characters who we know are going to be next to die. Each of them seems integral to the story.

They are smart educated young people who are also rich and spoilt. Bee’s status as less well-off means she is straight away a potential victim and suspect. Her new relationship with Sophie is tested and pushed to its limits and with every death, this group become more hostile towards each other, as trusts are eroded, and friendships decimated.

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This movie plays more like a horror thriller than a black comedy. Setting it within a mansion during a hurricane straight away gives it a ‘haunted house’ vibe, especially when they lose electrical power. The characters are obviously all damaged in their own way and watching these mean girls tear each other to shreds whilst also trying to stay alive is fascinating. This film is definitely designed to appeal to a younger generation, with a soundtrack that feels very current.

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is the classic horror/thriller updated for a new generation. Rather than focus on monsters or serial killers, the real enemies here are the things young people find terrifying in their lives right now. This is a world where not responding on time in a group chat can leave you shunned or seen as a pariah. The idea of losing friendships, betrayal, not fitting it or being accepted are as prevalent and important in the film as the deaths occurring.

Being a horror film means we do end with a twist of sorts, but probably not the one you are expecting. If there was a message to the end of the movie, it would be that once you cut out the drama, noise and screaming, the simplest explanation is staring you in the face if you take time to look.

This is a really fun movie which doesn’t reinvent the genre but gives it a very modern lick of paint. This makes it relevant and relatable to a new audience who may have seen it all before or are taking their first foray into the horror genre, A fun, Impressive ‘GenZ Murder fest’ and we’re all invited to the party

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is in cinemas now. Watch the trailer here

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