Most Wanted Movies – September 2020

Septembers most wanted movies

Most Wanted Movies

Welcome to the latest edition of Most Wanted Movies. These are the films we can’t wait to see in September 2020

Now August looked like it was going to be a very slow month but it finished very strong just off the back of one movie – Tenet. Have you seen it yet?! Opinions are mixed over its place on the list of Christopher Nolan films (you can see Dani’s extensive review right here) but no one denies it was a technical marvel and an achievement in film making and originality which is rarely seen these days

The New Mutants finally arrived at cinemas. Even though early feedback hasn’t been overly positive, I’m still waiting to see it myself  and also for Kalvin’s review. Disney took their Martial arts epic Mulan and have made it available on their new service ‘Disney Plus Premiere’ which involves paying an extra £19.99 to watch the movie as many times as you like prior to it becoming available to all subscribers on December 4th

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves finally get to complete the series they started almost 30years ago as Bill and Ted Face The Music finally arrives on September 4th. Millie Bobby Brown takes the lead on the new Netflix film ‘Enola Holmes’ based on the Enola Holmes Mysteries series novels. And to finish, Dani gives us a run down of what to expect when The Batman meets Spiderman and the Winter Soldier in the Netflix movie ‘The Devil All The Time’ which also releases this month, starring Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and Sebastian Stan.

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