Best New Movies to Watch this Weekend- Aug 26th-28th

new movies to watch

New Movies to Watch this Weekend on the big screen and streaming in just 60 seconds

Good day good day good people, it’s your boy Mysteree with the new movies to watch this weekend, August 26th to the 28th in just 60 seconds or less

First up if you’re looking for a few scares, then check out ‘The Invitation‘ at the cinema. Nathalie Emmanuel is Evie who discovers a whole new family after her mother dies. She’s invited to her cousins wedding and things get terrifying very quickly with her new relatives.

Nathalie Emmanuel in ‘The Invitation’

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Next up, we have Beast.  Idris Elba, whilst on holiday with his daughters, is forced to take on a crazed oversized Lion to protect his family and get them all home in one piece

Idris Elba at the ‘Beast’ World Premiere

If you fancy staying at home, On Prime Video we have the long-delayed Sylvester Stallone superhero movie ‘ Samaritan’, I didn’t think it was very good (review), but You let me know what you think

And to finish off with a laugh, Netflix have the Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg comedy ‘Me Time’, where Kevin has some time alone without his wife and kids and gets up to all sorts of mischief with his best friend

‘Me Time’ Trailer

Well, that’s it for this week. Let us know what you watch and have a great weekend guys

Best New Movies to Watch this Weekend- Aug 26th-28th 1
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